Sky Diving

"Don't Miss"  thrilling skydiving demonstration!

Sunday September 8 5pm (weather permitting)

Put on by Skydive New England will feature 16 Skydivers jumping out of a Super Otter aircraft from 14,000 feet and landing in the center of Hampton Beach. Skydive New England will be dropping a total of 16 skydivers including a 10 person formation with smoke, a 4 person canopy formation stacking one skydiver on top of another, and 2 skydivers will freefall at 125 mph, opening their chutes at an altitude of 5,500.


Check one off your bucket list with Skydive New England. You can Experience Tandem Skydiving from 14,000 feet and free-fall for an entire minute on your very first jump! You can also learn to skydive at their Award Winning School. Skydive New England is Located just 45 minutes from Hampton Beach. Enjoy a beautiful drive up the coast and a scenic day trip to the Drop Zone. Enjoy great food at The Ripcord Café and relax as family and friends watch Skydivers in Action. Only at Skydive New England!

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